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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Foundation to highlight peak oil and end of growth

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When I started writing this blog over a year ago, I stated my motivation was “to probe, raise awareness, encourage informed debate, and look at community responses.” But it’s often felt like I was a lonely voice in the wilderness. How come almost no one else in New Zealand – even in the blogosphere - was commenting on peak oil and its huge economic implications for our nation? How come there was not even a nascent entity or group taking up the challenge of informing the public, and generating debate that would hopefully seep into the mainstream media?

You can imagine my delight to discover that a new initiative is taking up this challenge. It’s called Energy for the Future with a mission to “seek contributions, energy and ideas to help generate a wave of consciousness that questions the validity of growth capitalism and positively advocates shared prosperity without growth.”

The website is seeking expressions of interest and ideas. Please check out the site. You will find a brief precis of the problems, the mission, goals and objectives, and how to get involved.

I am very excited about the initiative. It could well be the much-needed catalyst to generate the wave of consciousness that takes these issues into the mainstream.


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